At the beginning of 2023, Ellysia Sousa, Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Coach, Pelvic Floor Specialist & CEO, Ellysia Health Services approached Maison De Land in search of a new brand identity, full website design, brand photography and customized marketing collateral.

Ellysia Health Services

Brand Identity. Print. Digital Design. Photography.

The Client

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Craft a brand experience that inspires a healthy lifestyle for those looking for a personalized experience, customized approach and tailor made results.

Founded on values of integrity, accountability and excellence with results based on science, EHS was entering a new stage within their business with a new location, refined services and the desire for an elevated brand to create a clear alignment between strength, support and service.

Ellysia turned to the MD team to create a full brand identity, create a digital website to house all her offerings, create elevated marketing materials, as well as plan and execute a full brand photoshoot.

The Brief

The Work

We artistically combined warm, minimal design elements with minimalistic touches and combined whitespace and cleanliness to allow readers to breathe in the sophisticated solutions alongside with the feeling of their fiercely supportive nature.

Once the digital home was completed, we crafted powerful marketing materials that showcased their brand as an avenue for impact, support and results. 

With an already established reputation of trust and expertise, our focus was to create a brand that held a sense of strength, evoke feelings of confidence and embody the love and dedication that EHS had for her client base.

Inspired by nature, we brought deep forest green tones and mixed them with warm beiges to create an organic color scheme that visually represents the subtle sense of health, healing and well-being.

Once the full brand identity was complete, including the brands colors, type suite, graphics and logo, we then commenced the process of designing and executing a custom branding photoshoot. 

With the mission to visually share the authentic story behind the brand while creating a sense of connection and community, our aesthetics revolved around soft backgrounds, neutral colors and wellness inspired props.

Because of the nature of work, we felt it was important to keep the pictures and theme focused, clean and inspired. 

With thoughtful visuals and aligned branding in hand, we turned to creating EHS’s digital home, a space for new and established clients and readers to connect with Ellysia, her offerings and space. 

The Maison De Land team created an elevated brand identity that encapsulated the essence of Ellysia Health Services, solidifying their brand positioning, while designing and developing a wellness inspired website that has expanded their reach and enhanced their customer experience.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, EHS has seen an increase in their email list subscriptions, heightened engagement and followers on their social media platforms and is now a fully booked studio with a waitlist.

“Maison De Land produced a stunning website and brand for my business, Ellysia Health Services. They truly listened to my vision and worked alongside me the whole way, feeling more like a business partner than agency. They produced an amazing launch strategy for me that has taken my business as a whole to a new level, increasing my sales over 200% and I’m now booked up months in advance. Every step with them just felt right.”

- Ellysia Sousa, Owner, Ellysia Health Services

The Praise

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