In June 2022, Astrid Mkrtchyan, Owner of Le Prestige Medical Spa, signed on with Ashley Deland Consulting for a 6 month 1:1 Consulting container, alongside Done-For-You agency services with Maison De Land.

Le Prestige Medi Spa

1:1 Consulting. Digital Home. Content Creation. Marketing. Social Media Management. PR. 

The Client

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With the goal of becoming Burlington, Ontario’s top premier medical spa and opening a second location, she turned to the MD team to help her establish her branding, implement impactful marketing solutions, enhance visibility and increase her digital presence.

The Brief

The Work

The MD efforts also secured press coverage on multiple outlets such as Lifestyle Magazine, FOX and CBC, as well as multiple mentions in local media publications and a television appearance on Your Haltontv.

Through our 6-month container, we were able to recreate the branding experience towards a more unique approach, by fusing luxury with a customer-centric focus that delivers youthful and natural medical enhancements.
We then brought reality to her aspirational goals by heavily increasing her digital exposure and online awareness through marketing and business development, in the areas of website design & development, social media management, Pay-Per-Click Ads & meta advertising and advanced SEO services. 

As a result of our work, this newly established business was bringing in $30k per month in revenue in her first 6 months of operation, solidified multiple local and digital collaborations, won “Best Medical Spa 2022” and graced the cover of Lifestyle Magazine.

The Results

Through executing our strategic marketing strategies, we were also responsible for accumulating over 148 website clicks per week, creating ads that garnered 18,850 impressions per day and consistently increasing her digital growth by over 40% on a monthly basis.

“We recently started working with Ashley and it's unbelievable how much of a difference we have seen in our growth (as a newly established business) in such a short period of time. Ashley is passionate, driven and gets the job done. She goes above and beyond with every project she tackles and most importantly, has integrity! If you're looking to hire a business consultant, she's the way to go. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Ashley for all you've done.”

Astrid Mkrtchyan, Owner, Le Prestige Medical Spa

The Praise

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